Javier Ramos to open his El Vy restaurant without Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo

Javier Ramos will look for a new space for his El Vy restaurant.
(Megan Fay)

In June, Trois Familia owners Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo and Ludo Lefebvre, who are also behind Trois Mec and the two locations of Petit Trois, announced they were closing their Mexican-inspired, French-ish restaurant in Silver Lake after a near three-year run. Javier Ramos, formerly chef de cuisine at Sqirl, was to open a restaurant called El Vy in the space in partnership with Shook and Dotolo, but now those plans are off too.

“Unfortunately, El Vy at Trois Familia is no longer moving forward,” Shook said in an email to The Times. “We are currently in the process of selling the lease and are waiting to hear back from our landlord.”

Ramos, who had been hosting weekly pop-up dinners at the restaurant, said he will look for another space in the Silver Lake / Echo Park area. “I’m looking for a bigger space and they had a chance to sell the lease and make some money on it, which was probably the right decision,” Ramos said. “It was a good experience and I look up to them and appreciate everything they did for me.”

He plans to keep the concept the same, with a core menu of favorites from his pop-up dinners: burger, cabbage, sweet potato, chicken wings and doughnuts, rounded out with seasonal items that highlight local produce.


Ramos said he’s looking to “do a restaurant that’s capable of sustaining talent and offer people a living wage.It just didn’t seem sustainable in that small space.”

And as for the name El Vy — pronounced “L-V” — it’s an inside joke between Ramos and the nearby restaurant Mh Zh.

“It’s two letters then two letters,” Ramos said with a laugh. “There’s difficulty pronouncing it for the sake of being difficult.”

While he looks for the right space for El Vy, Ramos plans to host some to-be-announced pop-up dinners in the area.