Where to find the best Taiwanese fried chicken and boba in the San Gabriel Valley

For many kids growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, Saturday nights are spent with friends at a table in your local boba tea shop. You sit, talk, play games and slurp milk tea and tapioca balls through brightly colored straws. When you get hungry, you snack on Taiwanese popcorn chicken using giant skewers to stab the bite-sized pieces of meat.

In this episode of “The Bucket List,” Jenn meets up with Jocelyn and Justine Wong to try some of the best fried chicken and boba in the SGV. The sisters, who grew up in Hong Kong and now live in Los Angeles, spend a good amount of time eating all over the SGV and chronicle their adventures on their blog and Instagram account called the Hangry Diary.

Jocelyn and Justine first take Jenn to Sinbala in Arcadia, a place that serves a version of Taiwanese popcorn chicken they say is close to what you’ll find at the night markets in Taiwan. Then they visit Tastea in Alhambra, one of Jenn’s favorite places for boba and chicken.