Heading to Coachella? Here are some packing tips


Music festival season is upon us — which essentially means all-nighters, exhaustion, dusty campgrounds and iffy shower and bathroom access. (Ladies, you already have your portable urinals for emergencies, right?)

Here are a few things to toss in your bag to keep you calm, clean-ish, quenched and awake as you hit the circuit:

It’s the first rule of music festivals: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If you’re bored with basic H20, try a bottle of Detoxwater, a vitamin-loaded, aloe-infused beverage that keeps the system hydrated and wards off the effects of alcohol, sun exposure and other transgressions. The latest flavor in the lineup is Cryptokiwi, which has cucumber and kiwi in addition to organic agave nectar, lemon juice and electrolytes. Other flavors include Peachberry, Appleberry and Pinamint. Each bottle contains just 30 calories.


Info: $2.99 to $3.39 at Gelson’s, Ralph’s, Mother’s Market, Lazy Acres.


Instead of waiting an hour in line for your morning coffee, take along some Alpine Start, a single-serve instant coffee that dissolves immediately in hot or cold water. The product is made from high-altitude Arabica beans, which provide a clean, robust flavor and the caffeine boost of drip coffee. In mid-April, the brand is launching its Dirty Chai and Coconut Creamer Lattes in the same format.

Info: $8.99 for a pack of 10 at


Splash a few drops of relaxing essential oils onto a lava rock bracelet from Goddess Garden Organics’ newly launched Aromatherapy Bracelets and Blends offering. The oils can be dripped on in precise quantities and remain on the bracelet for hours, said Chief Executive Nova Covington. Bracelets incorporate turquoise, unakite or howlite, each of which has its own properties. Choose from oil blends such as Pick-Me-Up (essence of peppermint, grapefruit and orange) or Grounding (vetiver, patchouli and lavender).

Info: Bracelets priced at $14.99 and oil blends for $9.99. Available at


It gets hot and sweaty out there. To combat body odor, San Diego brand CeeCee & Bee Apothecary makes its Natural Deodorant Stick — Tea Tree and Lavender, which uses neem leaf (which is said to help repel mosquitoes too), coconut and castor oil. The stick glides owing to the organic arrowroot powder and beeswax (locally harvested, of course). Tea tree and lavender have antibacterial properties. For each product sold, the brand makes a self-care product donation to women in local domestic violence shelters.

Info: $15.95 at



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