Kelly Perigoe

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2023 Firm Attorneys

Kelly Perigoe
King & Spalding LLP
UCLA School of Law

Kelly Perigoe has over a decade’s worth of experience in federal and state courts, from the pre-litigation to appellate phases, for clients throughout the U.S. and internationally. She is regularly tapped to draft dispositive motions involving thorny issues and leads appellate strategy in clients’ critical matters.

She led a Ninth Circuit appeal for VNG involving complicated jurisdictional issues after successfully obtaining dismissal in the trial court. Following a panel decision reversing the district court’s dismissal, Perigoe will lead the team in filing a cert petition before the Supreme Court. She also led the briefing and strategy in a Seventh Circuit appeal for Molina Healthcare, Inc. from a dismissal with prejudice that she obtained in the Northern District of Illinois in an important False Claims Act qui tam action. After a split decision in the Seventh Circuit, Perigoe handled a cert petition raising two important circuit splits under the FCA.