Out of unique ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts? We’re loving these geography pillows


When your relationship is young, buying your significant other some version of Valentine’s Day tried-and-true favorites — flowers, chocolate, a fancy dinner, a syrupy card — are just what you need.

But after you’ve been dating a few years, or lucky enough to be married a few decades, you start running out of ideas.

Here’s one that caught our eye: geography pillows.

Wait, wait, hear us out.

These sweet pillows designed by Catstudio husband-and-wife artists Terrell and Carmel Swan could be a cozy reminder of someplace special in your relationship — meeting at USC, for example, or that romantic trip to Yosemite or a honeymoon in Santa Barbara. The pillows are embroidered, many by hand, on organic cotton. (Carmel Swan says her “whimsical” SoCal designs were informed by her time living and working in L.A. as a record executive.) If pillows aren’t your thing, Catstudio also makes mugs, prints and more. Other national and worldwide locations available too.

And if you really want to win Valentine’s Day, how about whipping up a batch of orange shortbread hearts glazed in pink or salty-sweet nutty buddies — chocolate-coated pretzel bites.

Sweet homemade treats for Valentine's Day.
(Uijung Kim / For The Times; Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times)