Spot the difference: Quarantine hoarder edition

Spot the differences.
(Lauren Martin / For The Times)

When is the last time you played Spot the Difference? Probably a very long time ago, unless you have a stack of vintage Highlights magazines lying around. Or perhaps you are a child. Or perhaps you have one. But if not, here is your opportunity for another go at this classic game. Pictured below are two images of a quarantine hoarder’s storage closet. There are 12 differences between the two of them. Can you spot them all? Careful not to scroll too far or you’ll come across the answers.

Feel free to play from the set of images at the top of this article or from the set of two images directly below. Whichever is easiest to see on your current screen.

(Lauren Martin / For The Times )

Can you spot the differences?
(Lauren Martin / For The Times)



Did you spot the 12 differences?

1. Toilet paper logo color

2. Paper towel pattern

3. Cannellini versus black bean

4. Missing yeast packet

5. Inverted colors on wipes logo


6. Spray bottle eyes shift the other direction

7. Different soap top

8. Hair dye color

9. Spider

10. Tuna logo color

11. Pasta boxes color flipped

12. Gluten-free flour

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