The ultimate California travel bingo board: Can you beat it?

(Alycea Tinoyan / For The Times)

There’s nothing more exhilarating, or exasperating, than getting to know California. Here, to remind you of all the possibilities out there, is a matched pair of California travel bingo cards — one sweet, one salty. All of your best California vacation memories and worst regrets are here. OK, maybe not all. But some, for sure.





Have you covered all the relevant squares? Great! There are no actual prizes, but here’s what we think of your results:

•If you blacked out both cards entirely, we — well, we don’t believe you. Send notarized photos and ticket stubs.

•If you blacked out one board, we bow to you, o learned and well-traveled Californian. You’ve seen and absorbed so much, we may just take a breather and let you produce next week’s pages.


•If you’ve made a full X or L (nine squares) on either board, we promise to stop calling you Barney, Frube, Grommet, Kook or any other terms that California surfers use in the movies for under-performers. You’ve been around.

•If you scored one or two basic bingos (a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of five squares), yup, you could pass for an average Californian. But you’re reading a newspaper, so we know you’re special.

•If you scored no bingos, you may be a recent arrival, or perhaps you’ve had more important things to do. Either way, perhaps it’s time for a road trip.


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