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Buying a subscription used to be the only way to show your support for the hometown newspaper. And while subscriptions are still the best way to keep the newspaper landing in your driveway — or, increasingly, in your inbox — there are other ways to show the world (and the newspaper junkies on your holiday gifting list) that you support quality journalism too. Here are some suggestions that, if not literally plucked from the pages of the Los Angeles Times, definitely pull inspiration from the logos, typefaces and artwork that have appeared on them over the years.

Los Angeles Times Birthday Book

LAT birthday book
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Truth: No matter how old we get, we can’t stop believing that the world revolves around us. So why not embrace that inner child with a gift devoted to everything newsworthy on your recipient’s birthdays? The Los Angeles Times Birthday Book is a handsome leather-bound book that contains the front pages of The Times from every birthday after your recipient was born, dating to 1933. It’s a sweetly narcissistic stroll down memory lane, especially for history buffs. (P.S. If this is meant as a holiday gift, order ASAP because it takes about three weeks for delivery.)

$124.99 | 👉 Purchase here


L.A. Times’ West Coast Perspectives Collection

WC Perspective weekend bag
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Maybe you’re tired of East Coast folks sending you merch from their New York-based organizations, or maybe you’re planning a beach visit for the family during the holidays. Either way, The Times’ new West Coast Perspective collection is full of items that instantly invoke all the sweet vibes of California — from the comfy, oversize sweatshirt in soothing colors that evoke the sand, foam and sea to the hefty tumbler for stylish hydration and the too-cool overnight bag that’s big enough for a day at the beach, a weekend change of clothes or all your shopping at a farmers market.

$22 to $65 | 👉 Purchase here

L.A. Times varsity jackets

LAT varsity jacket mens
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Here’s the perfect gift for adults who never made varsity in high school (and never got over it). These Times jackets are a sophisticated take on the high school version. The jacket shells are black, with gray arms for men and white for women. Both feature the ever-tasteful L.A. Times masthead logo embroidered in white.

$80 | 👉 Purchase here

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Little Coloring Book of Sweet Recipes

LAT recipes coloring book
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This gift lets recipients decorate their own cookbook while sampling confectionary recipes from some of our favorite restaurants and chefs over the years, including Rustic Canyon’s Honeycomb Ice Cream, Jaleo’s Flan, the carrot cake from the Madonna Inn and Sweet Butter’s Coffee Doughnut Muffins. Children (or capable adults) can color in the illustrations while someone else does the cooking. It’s all about creating a little family heirloom of beautiful, tasty recipes.

$12 | 👉 Purchase here

L.A. Times Fall Collection

LAT Support Local News hat
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Show your support for thoughtful journalism and The Times with our fall collection of sweatshirts, T-shirts and caps with logos that read “I’m a Subscriber,” “Read the Paper” or “Support Local News.” The crewneck sweatshirts are 50/50 cotton and polyester and come in black or white. The T-shirts and caps are 100% cotton; colors include white for the shirt and black for the hat, and both also come in a tan color very close to sand.

$30 to $80 | 👉 Purchase here


L.A. Affairs Book

L.A. Affairs Book
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One of The Times’ most popular features isn’t even written by The Times staff. It’s written by love-seeking, tale-telling everyday folks across the Southland. For years now, the L.A. Affairs column has chronicled the search for romantic love in all its glorious expressions in the L.A. area as submitted by readers. Now, the column’s longtime editor, Rene Lynch, has compiled the best of the best into “L.A. Affairs: 65 True Stories of Nightmare Dates, Love at First Sight, Heartbreaks & Happily Ever Afters in Southern California.”

$19.95 | 👉 Purchase here

L.A. Times Masthead Sweatshirt

Los Angeles Times masthead crewneck.
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Is there someone in your life that’s as important as front-page news? Then make them feel that way with a long-sleeve, crewneck, cotton-polyester blend sweatshirt with the Los Angeles Times nameplate printed across the front. Available in black with white lettering or heather gray with black lettering. (If you’re a typeface nerd, you might appreciate knowing the version of the nameplate that appears on these sweatshirts was created in 2008, based on the original Times gothic font nameplate from the 1920s that was previously updated in 2002. You can tell the 2002 and 2008 versions apart by the little hook at the top of the A in Angeles.)

$50 | 👉 Purchase here

Los Angeles Times subscription

A screenshot of the homepage of the Los Angeles Times

We’re all about Southern California, and we never stop gathering news offering a West Coast perspective at The Times. The price below is for a web-only subscription. Subscription gift cards don’t expire and are nontransferable.

$98 for a year | 👉 Purchase here

The L.A. Times Guide to Hiking in Southern California

LAT hiking guide
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If there’s an outdoor lover in your life — or just someone you wish would, you know, take a hike — we’ve done the footwork (literally) to compile the most comprehensive hiking guide The Times has published to date. Clocking in at 24 broadsheet newspaper pages (it’s printed in the same format as the daily newspaper), it includes more than 50 routes all around Southern California from the cities to the mountains and hikes for every skill level from newbie to veteran. Think of it as gaining altitude with attitude. (If you’re giving this as a holiday gift, don’t dawdle, because shipping can take up to three weeks.)

$10 | 👉 Purchase here

Crossword Puzzle Book

LAT crossword puzzles
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If there’s someone on your gift list that’s equal parts L.A. Times fan and acrostic enthusiast, consider this booklet of more than 80 crossword puzzles in a range of difficulties. Fun fact: Newspapers and crossword puzzles have a long and storied history that dates back to Dec. 21, 1913, when a “Word-Cross Puzzle” created by Arthur Wynne appeared in the “Fun” section of the New York World.

$14.99 | 👉 Purchase here

Food Bowl 2021 Insulated Water Bottle

Food Bowl 2021 water bottle
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Foodies everywhere will appreciate the utility and good looks of the L.A. Times Food Bowl’s vacuum-insulated water bottle designed to keep cold liquids chilled and hot liquids steamy for many hours. Plus, the black background, dotted with colorful food illustrations, is scratch and fade resistant. Best of all, the slim shape is designed to fit in standard cup holders.

$35 | 👉 Purchase here

Times staff writer Christopher Reynolds contributed to this gift guide.

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