The measles outbreak

The measles outbreak
A Christmas parade on Disneyland's Main Street. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

An outbreak of measles that began before Christmas at Disneyland has spread to several states and dozens of cases.

Vote delayed on California bill seeking to toughen vaccine mandate

A proposal that would require more children to be vaccinated in California ran into trouble Wednesday amid objections that it would force thousands of

Vaccine refusal helped fuel Disneyland measles outbreak, study says

Researchers calculate that low levels of vaccination allowed the Disneyland measles outbreak to travel so far.

Measles outbreak in California: What you need to know

A measles outbreak centered in California has sickened at least 136 people in North America and is still spreading. How did it start? What are the symptoms of measles? How can vaccinated people catch it? Here are answers to those questions and more.

Vaccinations become off-limits in many online forums

Measles outbreak: Vaccinate kids or find new doctor, pediatrician says

L.A. doctor puts his foot down on measles vaccinations. But some say his policy is not the way to go.

The anti-vaccine crowd gets its Hollywood moment at premiere

GOP 2016 primary field gets case of indigestion over measles vaccine

GOP presidential aspirants get caught up in the debate over the measles vaccine, set off by Chris Christie on a visit to England.

Obama urges parents to vaccinate children for measles

14 babies are being monitored after measles closes Santa Monica center

After an infant comes down with measles, a child-care center at Santa Monica High is closed. Babies are being kept from public.

Christie's vaccination wobble: Predictable, cynical and unacceptable

Gov. Chris Christie takes the cynical way out when asked whether children should be vaccinated against the measles.

Vaccines: Delayed immunization schedule can be deadly, experts say

Parents who want to spread out shots so as not

California school bans 66 students without measles vaccinations

The students may have been exposed by another student -- who is now being allowed to return to school.

California measles outbreak is up to 87 cases in 7 states, Mexico

The Disneyland measles outbreak continues its march, including four new measles patients in Arizona who visited the theme park.

Parents who oppose measles vaccine hold firm to their beliefs

Could the Disneyland measles outbreak quiet vaccine doubters?

Disneyland measles outbreak could succeed where scientists' warnings on forgoing vaccination failed.

Disneyland measles outbreak: Cases not limited to the unvaccinated

The measles vaccine is supposed to protect you, right? For a small percentage, that's not always the case.

Officials fight back against anti-immunization parents

Blame Disneyland measles outbreak on anti-science stubbornness

Disneyland measles outbreak spurred by ill-informed, anti-science stubbornness,

The spread of Disneyland measles outbreak

Infographic shows the spread of Disneyland measles outbreak

Disneyland measles: 'Ideal' incubator for major outbreak

Disneyland measles outbreak grows, sparks concern

Health alert after Disneyland linked to measles outbreak