For the record

Dodgers sale reaction: In the March 29 Sports section, a list of comments by pro basketball figures on the sale of the Dodgers included a quote attributed to Bill Walton on Twitter: “Magic Johnson won 5 titles, owns lucrative businesses in ‘poor’ areas, owns a MLB team, and beat HIV.... After years of mismanagement, Magic Johnson looks to clean up the Dodgers.” In fact, the comments were from two tweets by a Walton impersonator with the Twitter name @NotBillWalton.

Health plans: An article in the March 23 Business section about California insurance officials proposing limits on a form of health coverage insurers are selling to small employers quoted Wake Forest University professor Mark Hall as saying low-dollar stop-loss policies, which guarantee that businesses won’t be responsible for medical expenses over a certain amount per employee, are a “sham.” In fact, Hall was referring specifically to plans with zero-dollar stop-loss policies.

Bill Veeck: In the Arts & Books section elsewhere in this edition, a review of the book “Bill Veeck: Baseball’s Greatest Maverick” said that Veeck’s father, William Veeck Sr., an executive with the Chicago Cubs, planted the ivy on Wrigley Field’s outfield walls. In fact, Bill Veeck Jr., the subject of the book, did the planting. The error was detected after the section was printed.