Deadly Oakland warehouse fire

All 36 people killed in the Oakland Ghost Ship fire died of smoke inhalation, investigators say

All 36 people killed in Ghost Ship fire died of smoke inhalation

Lawyers for Ghost Ship manager say they fear he will be charged to hide government negligence

Ghost Ship manager's lawyers say they fear he will be scapegoated to hide government negligence

For Ghost Ship rescuers, a scene they can never forget

The first body he saw, he recognized.

After Ghost Ship and a crackdown, L.A.'s DIY music scene plans its response

A group of speakers, venue owners and artists gather to discuss the future of LA's underground music venue sin the wake of the Ghost Ship fire.

Ghost Ship fire mystery: What did fire officials know and when did they know it?

One of the biggest mysteries to come out of the deadly Ghost Ship fire is why authorities didn’t do more to address safety and health concerns about a warehouse

A fire station was just 500 feet from the Ghost Ship. But fire officials say they have no records on warehouse

The warehouse where 36 people died earlier this month is just 500 feet from Oakland Fire Station No. 13.

They live 'in the shadows' like the Oakland warehouse. Now, they fear a witch hunt for homes like theirs

As the Oakland fire draws attention to warehouses and other unconventional living spaces, some of their residents are facing eviction and anxious that a 'witch hunt' will begin.

Amid Ghost Ship’s enchanting disorder lurked danger and the seeds of disaster

Life in the Ghost Ship, from those who called it home.

Why the Ghost Ship 'slipped through the cracks' of Oakland inspectors despite repeated safety complaints

As investigators probed the cause of a warehouse fire that killed 36 people, Oakland city officials faced more scrutiny over their handling of complaints about

Ghost Ship tragedy puts focus on plight of Oakland artists dealing with soaring Bay Area housing costs

Rising housing costs in Oakland helped contribute to an unsafe living situation for artists and concert goers that died in a massive fire Friday night

Victims of the Oakland warehouse fire: Who they were

Victims of the Oakland warehouse fire.

Refrigerator ruled out as cause of Oakland fire that killed 36; no evidence of arson

Oakland Fire Department chief said the Ghost Ship warehouse, where 36 people were killed in one of the nation’s deadliest fires in the last decade, could have dropped out their system.

Building inspectors had not been inside Oakland warehouse in 30 years, officials say

Oakland city officials released the first batch of building inspection reports on the warehouse where 36 people were killed in a fire Friday

Search for remains ends at Oakland warehouse with fire death toll at 36

New city records have been released about an Oakland artist warehouse and an adjacent lot indicating there were hazard and health concerns prior to last week’s deadly blaze.

A narcissist or an eccentric? Derick Almena, the man behind the Ghost Ship, left conflicting impressions

Everything we know about Derick Almena, creator of the artist loft where 36 died

For neighbors near warehouse fire, an outpouring of sympathy for strangers in their midst

A letter from Fruitvale: The Oakland neighborhood is shocked, not only by the fire, but also the artists’ colony that had arisen in their midst.

Emergency declaration sought in Oakland after deadly warehouse fire

Investigations into the fire that claimed more than 30 lives in Oakland intensified as searchers continued the grim task of looking for more victims.

How to help Oakland warehouse survivors and the families of those killed

As searchers continued on Tuesday to sift throughan Oakland warehouse, authorities said people across the globe are desperately looking for ways thelp the victims’ families and survivors.

Oakland warehouse manager mournful but defiant after 36 die in fire at artists collective

The manager of an Oakland warehouse said he was “incredibly sorry” for a devastating fire that killed at least 36 people during an electronic music event Friday night.

A look at some of the deadliest nightclub fires

Here’s a look at other nightclub and music venue fires that have exacted terrible death tolls.

'We want to provide answers,' authorities say as death toll in Oakland fire hits 36

As criminal investigators begin to examine who is to blame for one of the worst fires in modern California history, Oakland authorities halted their grim search

Man who managed Oakland warehouse says fire victims were 'my children,' 'my future'

A man who managed an Oakland warehouse and artist collective where massive fire killed at least 33 people, spoke publicly Sunday night for the first time.

Who could be held responsible for the Oakland fire

Prosecutors face the burden of assembling a potential case and deciding whether to file criminal charges in the deadly fire that ripped through a crowded Oakland warehouse.

When loved ones couldn't track those missing in Oakland fire, they found answers on social media

In the hours after the warehouse fire — long before Oakland officials would release the IDs of the victims found inside — family and friends tried to cobble together information online.

Death toll in Oakland fire climbs to 33 as families, friends fear the worst

Death toll rises 30 as families learn the fates of concertgoers in Oakland

Oakland warehouse had hosted parties, despite safety concerns of former residents

A closer look at the concert operators and artists collective who put on an unpermitted concert in a 'death trap' warehouse

Names of seven victims released in Oakland fire; criminal investigators on scene

Names of seven victims released in Oakland warehouse fire, as death toll rises to 33

Oakland warehouse residents' harrowing survival stories: ‘Oh my God, all of these people died in our home.'

Surviving the Oakland fire: ‘Oh my God, I almost died... Oh my God all of these people died in our home.'

Oakland warehouse fire leaves community of artists reeling and fearful of a crackdown

Oakland artists have already been battling the Bay Area's rising costs. Now they're suffering a tragedy, and worrying about the aftershocks.

A woman's frantic, anguished Facebook search for friend missing in Oakland fire

A woman's frantic Facebook search to find friend missing in Oakland fire

Oakland's Ghost Ship fire is nightmare scenario for promoters, governments and music lovers

The Oakland warehouse fire tragedy will be a moment of reckoning for the music community and local governments about the nature of underground shows.

A night of music and dancing turns into a deadly inferno at Oakland warehouse

The night was young, and Seung Lee liked the vibe of the dance party just starting in an old warehouse in the Fruitvale District, so he and two friends decided