More demonstrations follow release of video of fatal shooting by El Cajon police

Protests continued in El Cajon after the release of videos showing the fatal shooting of Alfred Olango.
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More demonstrations followed the release Friday of videos showing the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man, Alfred Olango, by El Cajon police, but the protests were more peaceful than earlier in the week.

The videos were broadcast by local TV stations as it was being released. About a dozen people who gathered outside police headquarters during the news conference watched the footage on their cellphones and reacted with anger as they heard the shots ring out.

Some honked car horns, others shouted profanities, and one man yelled, “They trapped him like an animal!”

People later began gathering at the site of the deadly altercation, where a makeshift memorial continues to grow. People have set more than 50 candles and several photos of Olango under a tree.


By 8 p.m., a crowd of about 200 protesters had turned out, many of whom pushed TV news cameras and reporters away.

A few feet away about a dozen people formed a circle, praying and singing gospel songs.

The 200 or so protesters marched though the streets for nearly two hours, at times blocking intersections as they chanted, “No justice, no peace.” Officers and sheriff’s deputies in riot gear lined up across some streets and freeway ramps.

In contrast to the previous night, there were no reports of violence, vandalism or arrests.

Thursday night, five men were arrested, one on suspicion of hitting a San Diego police officer with a brick. Law officers from several local agencies used tear gas and pepperball rounds to disperse a crowd that jumped onto cars, smashed some vehicle windows and hurled rocks and bottles at officers and sheriff’s deputies.

Demonstrators claimed that Olango, who was from Uganda, was shot because he was black. They called for release of the cellphone video recorded by a witness who gave her phone to police to view.

The video provides more context about the moments before the fatal encounter on Tuesday, though officials said their investigation remains in its early stages and that evidence is still being gathered.

The cellphone video shows Olango walking back and forth in a parking lot as a police officer follows him. The video shows the officer, identified as Richard Gonsalves, with his gun drawn. pointed at Olango


The men seem to feint and lunge toward each other. Olango then briefly clasps his hands together and points them at Gonsalves, who opens fire. At least four shots are heard. Olango’s sister, who had called police earlier to say her brother was acting strangely, is heard wailing nearby.

A second video from a fast-food restaurant security camera shows Gonsalves following Olango through the parking lot. At some point, Olango starts walking rapidly toward the officer, who appears to back up. For a few seconds, Gonsalves and Olango appear to feint and lunge at each other. A second officer, Josh McDaniel, appears to be holding a Taser, and then Gonsalves fires. The angle of this video makes it difficult to see exactly what Olango was doing.

Authorities have said that Olango had an electronic cigarette in his hands and pointed it at Gonsalves in a “shooting stance.”



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