6.9 earthquake felt across Northern California, southern Oregon

There were no immediate reports of injuries or major damage from a magnitude 6.9 earthquake that occurred off the coast of Eureka in Northern California on Sunday night.

The quake, which was followed by several smaller aftershocks, was felt across Northern California and as far south as San Francisco, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was also felt in southern Oregon.

The temblor hit at 10:18 p.m. about 50 miles west of Eureka in Humboldt County.


No tsunami warnings were issued.

The Eureka area is considered seismically active, and there have been similar-sized quakes in the area with some regularity.

A 6.5 quake hit the area in 2010, snapping power lines, toppling chimneys, knocking down traffic signals, shattering windows and prompting the evacuation of at least one apartment building.

In 1964, an 8.8 earthquake in Alaska caused catastrophic damage in the area. The March 28 tsunami killed 11 in Crescent City and destroyed the city’s business district. Accounts from the time reported that fuel tanks erupted in flames while cars and trucks washed down city streets, piling up against buildings.

As for Sunday’s quake, Eureka police have told several Northern California media outlets that the department has no immediate reports of injuries or major damage. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department also said it had no reports of injuries.