No, a meteor did not just crash in downtown Los Angeles


No, it wasn’t a meteor. Or an alien invasion.

Many Los Angeles residents were dazzled Wednesday night when a fireball streaked over downtown Los Angeles, resembling a slow meteor.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed shortly after the incident took over social media that there was no alien invasion, and the event was just another film shoot.


“This is Tinseltown after all,” the LAPD said on Twitter.

The commotion was caused by Red Bull Air Force, the energy drink’s team of skydivers, who were wearing custom wingsuits fitted with LED lights and pyrotechnics while filming a video celebrating the final super moon of 2019.

They jumped from a helicopter 4,000 feet above L.A. and flew one mile, pulled their parachutes at 1,000 feet and landed near the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown hotel, a spokesman said.

Many Angelenos looked up — apparently learning nothing from the Netflix film “Bird Box” — and wondered whether it was the end of times.

By now, L.A. residents should be growing used to unidentified flying objects. In October, a mysterious light was a SpaceX launch. In December 2015, a bright light turned out to be debris from a Russian rocket returning to Earth’s atmosphere.

For now, the only alien invasion that L.A. residents can view on Earth is in theaters showing “Captain Marvel.”