Shootings in South L.A. and Hawthorne leave 3 wounded

Unrelated shootings in two parks -- one in Los Angeles and one in Hawthorne -- left three people wounded Saturday afternoon.

In South Los Angeles, police said a woman in her 20s was struck in both legs when a spray of bullets was fired from the passenger side of one of two vehicles driving by a park at 88th and Hoover streets.


The 5:30 p.m. shooting appeared to be gang-related, according to police, who said the woman was in stable condition at a local hospital. She was in the park with several others but was the only one injured.

LAPD Sgt. James Linder said about 25 shots were fired from what was probably an AK-47-style assault rifle. The woman was hit by a single bullet that entered and exited both of her legs.

Authorities have only vague descriptions of the shooter. They have not released any information about the vehicles.

About an hour earlier in Hawthorne, a man with a semi-automatic handgun shot two other men in Holly Park at 120th Street and Van Ness Avenue, according to Hawthorne police.

One victim was hit in the leg and the other was struck in the face and arm. Both are in stable condition at an area hospital.

Police are looking for the gunman, who was identified as a black male in his 20s.

Hawthorne police Lt. Eric Lane said  the motive was unclear.

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