Eugene Newton Dunford

Banking and Finance 2022 profiles

Senior Managing Director
Umpqua Bank
Commercial Banking

Gene Dunford has been in the banking industry for 30 years and has worked for both large and small banks. Dunford is senior managing director of Umpqua Bank’s Los Angeles Corporate Banking Division. The division has offices in downtown Los Angeles and Glendale. He joined Umpqua Bank in 2016 to establish its new Los Angeles team. He is a 25-year veteran of L.A.’s commercial banking scene. Dunford’s group currently manages over $600 million in assets.

Dunford has worked for some of the world’s largest. This experience has given him the ability to help companies of all sizes obtain the much-needed capital to successfully manage their businesses and meet financial goals. Dunford feels that this is a great responsibility and honor. He is dedicated to this work that provides the vital financing needed to drive LA’s and the region’s economic success.