Jason Ozur

Banking and Finance 2022 profiles

Chief Executive Officer
Lido Advisors, LLC
Asset/Investment Management

Jason Ozur is the CEO of Lido Advisors and co-chairman of Lido’s investment committee. He is responsible for the management of Lido Advisors’ alternative investments. He is an integral part of the firm’s due diligence on real estate orientated strategies utilized in its clients’ portfolios. Ozur’s talent for scrutinizing investments such as real estate, hedge funds and other alternative investment strategies in today’s volatile market, has made him an integral part of the Lido team. Ozur also takes on a mentorship role by helping the firm facilitate a company culture that’s immersed in progression, excellence and integrity.

This past year in May 2021, Ozur led the key strategic partnership with Charlesbank Capital Partners, a middlemarket private investment firm. Charlesbank, which initially oversaw private investments inside the Harvard University endowment before becoming an independent firm in 1998, will become a significant investor in Lido alongside the founders and management team.