Manoj Karnani

Banking and Finance 2022 profiles

West FinTech Lead
Professional Services

With more than 20 years of experience, Manoj Karnani leads Accenture’s FinTech portfolio and strategy in the U.S. West. Karnani and his team work with emerging FinTech companies to deliver relevant and right-sized capabilities for creating innovative, personalized, and dynamic financial services and products and to reimagine how to meet customers where they are at. He sees an exciting potential for FinTechs to drive holistic, customer-centric change throughout the financial services industry. As an advocate for taking a fresh, nuanced, disruption-oriented look at how financial services can best serve customers, Karnani helps position Accenture as the top-choice strategic partner for FinTech clients. Karnani brings 20 years of experience in financial services, much of which focuses on risk management and working with emerging growth tech companies. He helped companies of all sizes think through risk management, whether reimagining their approach or crafting a plan for the first time.