1 dead, 3 injured in Las Vegas Strip shooting; suspect in hospital

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[Updated 11:01 a.m. PDT Oct. 21: The shooting at a nightclub inside Bally’s casino on the Las Vegas Strip killed one person and left three others wounded, including the suspect, according to police.

A security guard was shot at Drai’s After Hours, not two guards as previously reported. The wounded suspect was taken to the hospital.

Caesars Entertainment Corp. spokesman Gary Thompson, in a statement, extended sympathies to the victims, adding: “The safety and security of our guests is our No. 1 priority.”

Thompson told the Los Angeles Times in an email that guns are not allowed on properties owned by Caesars Entertainment Corp., including Bally’s, but that security does not scan guests for weapons when they enter. He added that the policy was not likely to change in the wake of the shooting. “This is too isolated an incident, though a tragic one,” Thompson wrote.]


Sometime around 5:30 a.m., police said, a man entered Drai’s After Hours, a club at the Bally’s casino that opens at 1 a.m. and closes at dawn, and has a $30 cover charge for men.

The man first asked the club’s security officers if he could take a look around the club before paying the cover charge, something they allowed him to do, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sgt. John Sheahan told reporters.

But not long after paying to get into the club -- with dawn only about an hour away -- the man then approached security officers and the manager and asked for a refund, at which point an argument began, Sheahan said.

The man apparently shot the manager in the arm, Sheahan said, and then shot at more security guards who tried to wrestle him down.

Security officers and other club patrons then physically subdued the man, Sheahan said. The club was locked down for investigation.

None of the men’s identities or medical conditions have been released.

Sheahan said he expected the suspect would be charged while in the hospital with homicide and attempted homicide.


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