Andi Kay

OC Visionaries 2022

Founder & Executive Director
Bloom Foundation

Bloom was created out of a need Andi Kay saw and a gap she wanted to fill. When she personally went through bullying, she researched available resources and found a ton of information and statistics, like the fact that over three million students experience bullying, but nothing that spoke to the emotional stress she was going through. Working with licensed therapists, she created curricula for both caretakers and children to address the impact of bullying, helping girls build emotional intelligence and resilience, so they can bloom with confidence. In the last year, Kay, along with her team, has developed a robust internship program with UCI and Cal State Fullerton. In addition, she has formed partnerships with organizations like BeWell to make a larger impact on the community. She has also led Bloom Foundation to partner with more than 10 other organizations serving youth in California.