Erica Solis

OC Visionaries 2022

Founder, President & CEO
Poppy Life Care

Erica Solis is the founder of Poppy Life Care, born from her vision to create a healthcare company that would disrupt the industry and the way families and individuals living with brain health issues are served. Solis and her team have developed and implemented programs and services with a global reach in education, volunteerism, clients and partnerships. In addition, she has a track record of providing visionary leadership in the health and wellness industries. Solis led the development of the operations department by implementing a strong structure, processes and procedures companywide and a human resources department; she led the development of the marketing department through strategic planning and multi-marketing campaigns. Ultimately, her efforts supported Poppy Life Care’s employee population growth from 10 employees to over 130, while expanding operations from two to eight clinics in Southern California, increasing revenues from $1 million to over $10 million.