Hannah Hollander

OC Visionaries 2022

Founder & Executive Director
Speak Your Truth Today

Frustrated at the lack of education and awareness surrounding domestic violence and abuse, something she had experienced firsthand, Hannah Hollander decided to share her story on Facebook, hoping to educate her friends and community about what abuse actually looks like in a relationship and invite them to support local domestic violence shelters. The post went viral and was shared over 123,000 times with over 14,000 comments, which sparked her to found Speak Your Truth Today (SYTT) - a private Facebook support group for domestic violence survivors. Word of the group spread quickly, and it now serves over 18,000 survivors worldwide. SYTT is now a national, award-winning nonprofit that amplifies the voices of victims and survivors of domestic violence through abuse education, networking resources, providing emotional support and celebrating freedom. SYTT continues to facilitate one of the largest, gender-inclusive Facebook support groups for domestic violence survivors.