Maureen Maloof

OC Visionaries 2022

Founder & CEO
Uniforms For Hope

Maureen Maloof comes from a financial background with a degree in accounting and an MBA. Starting as a bank manager at age 25, she has been working as a consultant for over 30 years in the financial and natural health care industries. She has always had a passion to help children. During her travels to 43 countries, Maloof had noticed that children overseas need to have a uniform to attend school. In each country she visited it was the same story, whether it was Morocco, Nepal, Fiji or Peru. Many of the children were orphans living in extreme poverty, where going to school is out of the question when they can barely afford food. In 2019, Maloof founded Uniforms for Hope, which provides children with uniforms. Uniforms for Hope’s vision is to empower children worldwide by providing them with uniforms to enable them to attend school.