Editorial: A complete list of the L.A. Times’ 2016 endorsements

The California statewide election guide for the Nov. 8 election rolls off the presses at the Office of the State Printer in Sacramento.
(Los Angeles Times)

Voters can now apply for, mark and return ballots for the Nov. 8 election. The Times has endorsed in a selection of races, as follows:

President: Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senator: Kamala Harris

U.S. Representative, 44th District: Nanette Barragan


L.A. County Supervisor District 4: Janice Hahn

L.A. County Supervisor District 5: Kathryn Barger

Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 11: Stephen Schreiner

Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 42: Efrain Matthew Aceves

Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 84: Susan Jung Townsend

Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 158: David A. Berger

Proposition 51 (school bonds): No

Proposition 52 (Medi-Cal hospital fees): Yes


Proposition 53 (revenue bond voter approval): No

Proposition 54 (legislative transparency): Yes

Proposition 55 (income tax extension): No

Proposition 56 (tobacco tax): Yes


Proposition 57 (criminal sentencing and parole): Yes

Proposition 58 (bilingual education): Yes

Proposition 59 (Citizens United constitutional amendment): No

Proposition 60 (condom use in adult films): No


Proposition 61 (state prescription drug purchases): No

Proposition 62 (repeal death penalty): Yes

Proposition 63 (gun regulation): Yes

Proposition 64 (marijuana legalization): Yes


Proposition 65 (carryout bag fees): No

Proposition 66 (accelerate death penalty): No

Proposition 67 (Plastic bag ban referendum): Yes

Measure A (L.A. County parcel tax for parks): Yes


Measure M (L.A. Metro sales tax for transportation): Yes

Measure CC (L.A. Community College District bond): Yes

Measure FF (Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority parcel tax): Yes

Measure GG (Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority parcel tax): Yes


Measure HHH (L.A. City homelessness housing bond): Yes

Measure JJJ (L.A. City affordable housing mandate): No

Measure RRR (L.A. DWP reform): Yes

Measure SSS (L.A. City airport police pensions): No


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