Letters: Stephen Glass got what he deserved

Re “Glass — new media scapegoat,” Opinion, Jan. 30

Meghan Daum misses an important point in the California Supreme Court’s refusal to give disgraced former journalist Stephen Glass membership in the California State Bar.

She says that his punishment seems particularly severe. On the contrary, his only “punishment” was to be denied the privilege of working as an attorney in California. The court did not intend to comment on his suitability for any other kind of employment.

Glass’ powers of persuasion got him a job as a paralegal, consent by the State Bar Court to his admission as an attorney and many glowing testimonials. The high court was right to stop him in his tracks.


The justices thought that he had not sufficiently convinced them of his change of character or that his formidable powers of persuasion would be put to honorable use as an attorney.

Neill A. Levy




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