Readers React: Build the Sepulveda Pass train tunnel


That 3rd District L.A. County supervisorial candidate John Duran opposes tunneling a transit line through the Sepulveda Pass shows that he does not understand what a crucial project this is. (“West Hollywood’s Duran making a name for himself in supervisor’s race,” May 4)

Anyone who struggles on the 405 Freeway understands that the pass is one of the most congested corridors in the U.S, let alone the county. But let’s not make judgments with wrong numbers.

The price the Times quotes ($20 billion) is an outrageous number, at the top of the most extensive project version that includes building an LAX extension, car and truck toll lanes and extensive connections in the San Fernando Valley. In fact, the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has estimated that a simple rail tunnel through the pass would cost between $5 billion and $7 billion.


We have rail serving the L.A. Basin, and may soon build a subway to the sea. Rail through the Sepulveda Pass is long overdue.

Coby King

West Hills

The writer is chairman of the board at the Valley Industry and Commerce Assn.