Letters: Green light his green card

Re “Feds deal a blow to would-be attorney,” Aug. 13

The more I learn about Sergio C. Garcia, the more I believe that his application for a green card should have been approved many years ago. There are those who say that granting him a license to practice law as an illegal immigrant is amnesty. Justice isn’t always codified as law.

Garcia isn’t asking for a handout. He represents the American dream, and he wants to be a productive member of our society. In this day and age when we have Americans renouncing their citizenship so they can avoid paying taxes, Garcia is a breath of fresh air.

There’s something fundamentally wrong when Garcia is denied a chance to make this nation greater. His green card application, which his U.S. citizen father applied for when he was 18, should be approved immediately.


Kimberlyn Hearns

San Bernardino

It’s wrong to blame the Obama administration for coming out against granting an illegal immigrant a license to practice law in California. I personally feel sorry for Garcia, but the Obama administration is not to blame.

It just happens (right or wrong) that providing a public benefit to an illegal immigrant is against the law of the land, and the president has sworn to uphold the law. If anyone is to blame, it’s Congress, which creates the laws, not the ones who swear to uphold them.

Ted Ury

San Juan Capistrano


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