Letters: A disgusted Eagle Scout

Re “Scouts employ aggressive tactics in abuse defense,” Dec. 25

I applaud The Times for reporting the disgusting practices of the Boy Scouts of America. The overwhelming evidence that shows how the Boy Scouts went after the victims rather than protecting young boys says everything we need to know about this corrupt organization.

I am an Eagle Scout and had the privilege of having four Scoutmasters who were wonderful and brilliant teachers. These men were educators first and dedicated their careers to bettering young people’s lives. I never heard a discriminatory word out of their mouths.

But today the Boy Scouts has an unacceptable way of determining who is and who isn’t eligible for membership and leadership, homosexuals and non-Christians being the most discriminated against. Unfortunately, child molesters are evidently not on the blacklist.


I’m the first in line to return my badge and distance myself from what has become a repulsive entity.

Tony Ferdyn
Santa Barbara

Apparently the Boy Scouts interprets “be prepared” as mandating tactics right out of the Scientology litigation playbook.


David R. Ginsburg
Los Angeles

Interesting that the Boy Scouts discriminates against gays but protects pedophiles. Does it remind you of another major institution?

Nelson Schwartz


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