Letters: Slow going for California’s bullet train

Re “Would rail project foul the air?,” June 11

Where did America go? Where is the drive to build much needed infrastructure that creates jobs? It worked after the Great Depression.

Regarding California’s bullet train, you can continue to look for reasons not to build it, but that’s not what made this country great. Once upon a time, California would not have thought twice about moving this project forward. Now you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who is trying to stall it.

Yes, the environment will be affected slightly while the system is built. After that, you’ll have an environmentally friendly rail system in place for future generations.


Rail systems like this exist all over the world. Let’s stop looking for reasons not to build it and instead focus on the benefits of having it.

Daniel V. Shannon

West Hills

I’ve cracked open my finest bottle of Central Valley sparkling wine to savor the delicious irony of Central Valley farmers, ranchers and citizens using onerous environmental laws to fight the progressives’ special darling, the bullet train project. I’ve rounded out my feast with Crimson Seedless grapes and Fresno cheese that, no doubt, politically correct progressives serve at their soirees to support the bullet train and other dubious projects. (Side note: Neither of these groups would serve Central Valley sparkling wine.)

I’m rubbing my hands with glee at the prospect of short-term environmentalists vs. long-term environmentalists fighting it out in public.

David Pohlod

Oak Park


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