Letters: A veteran’s take on his healthcare

Re “Shoddy care for veterans becomes campaign issue,” Column, Sept. 26

I’m not in Rep. Henry Waxman’s district, so I have no dog in his political fight over healthcare for veterans.

But I am a disabled Vietnam War veteran who has received treatment at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs hospital. Nurses and doctors there have saved my life. I have had my eyesight restored and a life-threatening condition caused by Agent Orange treated on an ongoing basis.

During this time, the repair and rehabilitation of old clinics has continued. Yes, there are more patients per doctor than I would hope for, but nobody eligible wants for care. I have been treated with courtesy and dignity at all times.


More must be done for my homeless comrades, but the West L.A. facility is at the mercy of a national budget crisis. And President Obama has given the VA a bigger budget than at any time since World War II.

Marvin J. Wolf

Mar Vista Heights



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