Letters: Tragedy won't stop Boston

Re "Terror in Boston," April 16

Boston is the heart of New England, the cradle of our nation. Once it was a bustling industrial city too. Then the factories moved out and it seemed as though the city was finished.

But Boston came back.

There's no place like it: Paul Revere's house in the North End, the Common, Faneuil Hall, Beacon Hill, Quincy Market, the Freedom Trail, the Charles River, the Back Bay and Fenway Park with its Green "Monstah." World-class universities and hospitals are in Boston.

Patriots' Day is a great and happy holiday, Boston's own holiday with the early Red Sox game and the marathon.

This terrorist attack was a shot in the heart. But you can bet that Boston will come back, and so will Patriots' Day and the marathon.

Alba Farfaglia

San Clemente

As horrendous as it was, we must keep the bombing at the Boston Marathon finish line in perspective. The death toll did not approach the level of Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora or other recent episodes of gun violence in this country.

To be sure, nobody wants to go to a race and be injured in an attack. But death and injury are not, and never should be, inevitable at marathons or any other public sports event.

My family business is producing and promoting running events. For 30 years, my husband has put on foot races all over the country, raising millions of dollars for charity. The security measures we put in place do the job.

What the public must do as it mourns is remember how much more good than harm these events have always meant to their participants and to the charities they support.

Joan Walston

Santa Monica

The lives, injuries, trauma and tragedy experienced by all the victims, followed by the heroic responders of the Boston Marathon massacre, sent a shockwave of compassion and unwavering determination across this country — refusing to accept fear as a quotient for life.

Kara Frazier

Trabuco Canyon


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