Letters to the Editor: Respect hotel workers. Don’t trash your room and leave

Margarita Santos works as a housekeeper at Le Merigot Hotel in Santa Monica.
Margarita Santos works as a housekeeper at Le Merigot Hotel in Santa Monica. Some hotel workers say rooms have been left in terrible conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: What is wrong with people? It is abhorrent that hotel guests leave their rooms in the ways described in your article.

Perhaps hotels could tell customers upon check-in that management will do a visual inspection of a room before guests receive their final bill, which could be marked up as deemed fit by the business to cover increased cleaning time and damages.

Or, perhaps hotels should charge a sizeable, refundable cleaning fee upfront (say, $250) to deter this behavior.


Jill Smith, Pacific Palisades


To the editor: In 1975, I worked as a maid in a Santa Cruz motel. This experience has informed every hotel stay since.

Why does it not occur to hotel guests that the person cleaning up after them is a real human being?

Pandemic or not, simple actions communicate respect and consideration. Consolidate all of your dirty towels in an easy-to-pick-up pile. Use one to swipe up any messes. Put your coffee cups and all of your garbage into the trash can.

In these small acts of decency, you communicate that your housekeeper is no less a person than you. And in two or three minutes, you have lightened the burden of another.

Loretta Y. Howitt, Pasadena