Letters to the Editor: A trucker convoy on a pandemic tantrum — is there anything more wasteful?

A convoy of truckers and others vehicles on a highway
A convoy of truckers and others headed to Washington to protest pandemic rules travels on Highway 395 in Adelanto, Calif., on Feb. 23.
(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: It’s difficult to imagine how some people think.

Nearly 100 big rigs and close to 500 other vehicles have left California on a trip to Washington to protest pandemic restrictions. Why in the world are they determined to fight COVID-19 vaccine rules, especially ones that protect their children’s well-being?

Why cause so much police manpower to be wasted at the capital? Why forsake the responsibility of truck drivers to help with the bottleneck of cargo containers at California ports? Why not grapple with the reality that spending their hard-earned money on so much needless fuel will only contribute to climate change?

And for what? For nothing. Many will likely get COVID-19, and unfortunately their families might too.


Morley J. Helfand, Arcadia


To the editor: I thought truckers were supposed to be super-macho and proud of it — paragons of American manhood, cowboys of the highways, for whom a convoy to protest the government taking away their hunting rifles might make some sense.

But whimpering over the need to get a tiny pin prick and wear a flimsy mask, to protect themselves and others from a potentially deadly disease? That’s for cry babies, not he-men.

Maybe if we promise them some ice cream and candy on the other end, they’ll come around.

Vincent Brook, Los Angeles


To the editor: To participate in this trek, these people apparently have the freedom to further pollute our collective atmosphere with untold quantities of fuel exhaust because they want the “freedom” to be unvaccinated and unmasked.

What a testament to our society’s decline.

Babette Wilk, Valley Village