Letters to the Editor: Drama over mega-mansion ‘The One’ is exactly what we shouldn’t care about now

A mansion seen from above
An aerial view of “The One,” a 105,000-square foot mansion in Bel-Air.
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Does The Times need to give that much publicity to this ridiculously overpriced home in Bel-Air known as “The One” when there are homeless people on the streets and refugees being displaced from their homes due to a war?

Who wants the world to see that we care more about pretentious overconsumption in the Los Angeles area than we do about human rights?

I, for one, and probably most other people think that this house should not have been approved for construction in the first place. How many bathrooms does one need to have in a single-family home? I am embarrassed by this ridiculous show of over-the-top construction and abuse of permitting.


Please, let’s put things in perspective.

Sherry Marger, Newport Beach


To the editor: I cannot be the only person who does not care about the ongoing machinations and details of the sale of one over-the-top mega-mansion. Will the proceeds be used to provide services to unhoused people or fix the broken sidewalks? Not even close.

One real estate deal that affects a handful of people isn’t news. And it certainly doesn’t justify the use of so many column-inches over the course of months.

How about using the print space to bring back the Science page and educating the public about various fields? Or bring back clever political cartoons?

Leslee Koritzke, Altadena