Letters to the Editor: It isn’t ‘biased’ to report that right-wing lies are false

In this photo illustration the Fox News Channel logo seen displayed on a smartphone.
Fox News has catered to a conservative audience that feels detached from the rest of mainstream media.
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To the editor: I am endlessly horrified by the claim of “liberal media bias.” News outlets should report the facts. Because one particular side tends to skirt the truth and lie, does not mean the reporting of these lies betrays a bias against those people. (“In today’s media, attacks from the left benefit its right-wing targets — and vice versa,” Opinion, March 22)

There is no alternate opinion about the Holocaust; similarly, there are no facts to support the claim that the last presidential election was stolen. This reporting is not the result of a media with a liberal bias.

If you want to claim bias, how about aiming it at the news outlets that constantly spread these lies? This so-called bias helps the right only because people on the right deny the facts and make sure their customers do too.


I would say we need to fight the myth of a liberal media bias.

Rita Skinner, Riverside


To the editor: Goldberg may be right about liberal media bias, but he can offer no “easy answers” to this perceived problem because there are none.

The reason that the mainstream media tend to be liberal is that journalists are educated people. Minds that have been opened by higher education are more likely to ask questions, seek fact-based answers and challenge dogma and authority.

Only by stifling these processes can you achieve a conservative mainstream media.

Ronald Ellsworth, La Mesa


To the editor: Goldberg tells us Sarah Palin became a “right-wing darling” because of the liberal media. Really? How’s that?

Then-Alaska Gov. Palin, who was the Republican nominee for vice president in 2008, said there are parts of her state from which people can actually see Russia, as if that gave her the experience to operate on the international stage.


She said it. Conservatives liked what she said. The liberal media reported it.

Goldberg, desperately seeking a scapegoat for conservative adoration of a wholly inadequate and unqualified vice presidential candidate, blames a bogeyman called “liberal media bias.”

It really is time for Goldberg to look at modern conservatism and its excesses as a creation of itself, not some outside source.

Tom Brayton, Long Beach