Letters to the Editor: Mayor Garcetti’s parents hired a lobbyist -- and embarrassed L.A.

Mayor Eric Garcetti delivers the State of the City Address outdoors.
Mayor Eric Garcetti delivers the State of the City Address from the under-construction 6th Street Viaduct in Los Angeles on April 14.
(Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: An advisor was hired by the parents of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti “to help tell the truth” to support the nomination of their son to serve as the U.S. ambassador to India.

If Garcetti had a strong resume of accomplishments during his tenure as mayor of Los Angles from 2013 until now, a national lobbying firm would not be needed. Garcetti’s nomination would have been just a routine appointment, the normal government payoff for supporting President Biden.

But consider this: Garcetti, age 51 and with most of his adult life spent in government, still needs his parents’ help. He cannot stand on his accomplishments as mayor of Los Angeles.


What an embarrassment to the residents of Los Angeles.

Richard Austen, Playa del Rey


To the editor: Garcetti’s parents have hired a public relations firm to shore up his chances for confirmation as ambassador to India. This, with his multiple trips to Washington to beg for Senate confirmation, only confirm his desperation.

For almost nine years, Garcetti has presided over a worsening homeless crisis and increasing crime. Now, his office faces litigation over a sexual harassment scandal.

Garcetti’s record of failure should not be rewarded with a diplomatic post. Our relations with India are too important to be left in this mayor’s hands.

Mayor Garcetti, your desperation is ridiculous. Please do the right thing and remove yourself from consideration.

James McCarthy, Glendora



To the editor: Boy oh boy — a 51-year-old man’s parents hire a lobbying firm to help him get a job. And this individual is supposed to be capable of running one of America’s largest, most ungovernable cities?

Toby Horn, Los Angeles