Letters to the Editor: Antisemitism isn’t just ‘on the rise.’ Some specific people stoke this hate

LAPD officers on horseback patrol along Pico Boulevard on Feb. 17 after the shooting of two Jewish men the previous day.
(Christina House / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: One arrest does not stem the tide or relieve the anxiety. And it is too simplistic to say that antisemitism is on the rise to explain the two recent shootings in Los Angeles. That explanation begs the question and only exacerbates anxiety. (“Jews in West L.A. are resolute, on edge after gunman targets Jewish community in 2 shootings,” Feb. 18)

Rather we have to look at our recent political history to address our current problem.

The prior presidential administration created a culture of hate and provided a green light for antisemitism. The violence in Charlottesville, the elevation of militia groups, the rise of Christian nationalism — all have stoked antisemitism.

It is not enough that the prior administration also mouthed protection of Israel to excuse these excesses, because what it unleashed is far more deadly. It’s happening right here, not across the world — right in our communities, affecting our very own families.


Perhaps if we recognize the underlying cause, we can take steps for change and the protection of religious diversity.

Marcy Sheinwold, Laguna Woods


To the editor: Recently I drove past the Museum of Tolerance on Pico Boulevard, not far from where a former UCLA dental student allegedly shot two Jews coming out of prayer services.

I thought to myself, maybe the museum is just that — it holds the relics of the Shoah, but also the relics of tolerance, which is disappearing around the world. I was so disheartened.

Then I saw a young man in colorful clothes wearing a kippah, and I had the urge for him to remove it so as not to be an obvious target. This made me sadder still.


Then I thought about my friends who are the mothers of Black and brown children who have to worry about their kids more than I do. My children can take off a Star of David. And I got sadder still.

What is America if we are not united?

Lisa Boyle, Pacific Palisades