Letters to the Editor: I paid $12 per unit to attend a Cal State. Don’t raise tuition

 California State University students attend a meeting of the CSU Board of Trsutees in Long Beach on July 11 .
California State University students attend a meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees in Long Beach on July 11.
(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: When I attended Cal State Northridge before graduating in 1980, I paid $12 per unit in tuition. No loans were needed to come up with that amount. (“Cal State students: Brace yourselves for the possibility of a 6% tuition hike every year,” July 11)

My California State University undergraduate education served me well, allowing me to secure excellent jobs, contribute to society and support my family.

I stand with students who say they cannot afford endless tuition hikes. Let’s find other ways to “close the gap” on funding. Looking at administrative salaries and other overhead is a place to start rather than further burdening students or, worse, discouraging them from attending at all.


Gloria Sefton, Trabuco Canyon


To the editor: I cannot conceive of any reason why Cal State students would complain of a mere 6% tuition hike every year.

After all, the new system’s chancellor, Mildred Garcia, is paid only $795,000 per year, plus $80,000 in deferred compensation, along with housing and auto allowances. Her salary and emoluments are only twice that of the president of the United States.

Does it seem as off-kilter to you as it does to me?

Kevin H. Park, Oklahoma City