Relief Within Reach

Opinion poetry
Los Angeles Times readers submitted their views in verse for a feature dedicated to opinion poetry.
(Anthony Russo / For The Times )

Have you felt my husband’s pain Senator?


Have you watched your cancer-stricken spouse go from being an avid backpacker to not being able to walk across a room?

Have you seen your husband vomit everything he tried to eat for a five-day period? Including water.


Have you heard your loved one wither with exhaustion after talking to his best friend because he only had the energy to say hello.


And, then Senator,



Have you seen what immediate relief marijuana brings?

Have you seen the surge smoking a joint can bring to one whose energy can now be directed into walking around the block instead of trying to block a million pain receptors?

Have you watched your husband eat a meal that the cancer had denied him before?



Why is my husband’s suffering so unimportant to you?

Why do you allow alcohol poisoning to cause vomiting, but you won’t allow marijuana to thwart it?

Why are you spending millions upon millions to deny people the relief marijuana brings when you could be reaping millions upon millions from it’s legalization?



Have you felt my husband’s pain, Senator? If you had you would legalize his relief.

The author is a writer and stand-up comedian.

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