Readers React: Colorado lights the way on marijuana for California

To the editor: It’s difficult for Coloradans to imagine California’s quagmire regarding medical cannabis since we completely re-legalized the plant. (“Los Angeles needs a new medical marijuana policy,” editorial, Jan. 18)

Colorado residents who wish to use cannabis for an array of medical and health conditions simply purchase it over the counter — without any chaos and without a doctor or a state permit, which amount to paying extortion money for protection against police.

Once California also legalizes cannabis, treating it like the relatively safe, beneficial, therapeutic plant that it is, the chaos will disappear.

Stan White, Dillon, Colo.



To the editor: Among the many pearls of wisdom in your editorial was the following sentence: “The City Council should not let marijuana businesses set city policy.”

By any chance is this the same city that allows policy to be set by the real estate lobby, the billboard lobby and local unions?

Matt Richey, Palms 


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