Readers React: Don’t forget about the candidates; 2016 is coming on fast

Donald Trump

Donald Trump at the inauguration of the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama City in July 2011. The entrepreneur is now a contender for the Republican presidential nomination.

(Arnulfo Franco / Associated Press)

The last few weeks have seen momentous decisions in America – especially the Supreme Court’s decisions on same-sex marriage and Obamacare.

By the hundreds, readers of The Times have offered their opinions. There was approval and there was disagreement in generally thoughtful prose. A number of viewpoints were expressed, rationally.

But it’s also campaign season. And on the stump, with a chance to look presidential, some of the candidates came across as something, well, lacking -- at least to a number of Times readers.

--Sara Lessley, Letters to the Editor department

Lorraine Knopf in Santa Monica observed:

After the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas called for a constitutional amendment to allow voters to remove Supreme Court justices from office through “periodic judicial retention election.”

Wouldn’t it be ironic if that went through, and the voters removed justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito?

In Encino, Stan Gordon was puzzled:

I am having difficulty following the logic of Mike Huckabee and his ilk.

As Huckabee said recently: “This case wasn’t so much about a matter of marriage equality, it was marriage redefinition. And I think people have to say, ‘If you’re going to have a new celebration that we’re not going to discriminate [against], may I ask, are we going to now discriminate against people of conscience, people of faith who may disagree with this ruling?’”

So because others choose not to follow the dictates of Huckabee’s belief system, their difference of theology is an attack on the governor’s faith and he is being denied his own religious freedom. Huh?

I also find it bizarre that they use the term “conservative” when they spend so much effort regulating other people’s business.

Stephen Hogg in Simi Valley sent a wry prediction:

I read that several of the Republican hopefuls are pledging to defy the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

I expect that Mississippi will impose a 72- hour waiting period; Wisconsin will require an ultrasound; and Texas will require all ceremonies be at a hospital.

Larry Selwitz in Newport Beach observed:

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, Bobby Jindal, as well as many other conservatives, lost no time in responding that “marriage between a man and a woman was established by God and no earthly court can alter that.”

Somehow, Gov. Jindal failed to recognize the irony that an all-powerful God can change his mind if he so pleases -- as he did last week by decreeing that the Court should rule in favor of gay marriage.

Reacting to Donald Trump’s recent comments about immigration, John T. Chiu in Newport Beach counseled patience:

The brouhaha over Donald Trump’s comments on illegal immigrants from Mexico will do no more or less damage to the GOP than what Leland Yee and some of his errant Democrats in the state Senate have inflicted on the Democratic party.

Over the years, many have regarded Trump as nothing more than an attention-getter and rarely taken him seriously. On the other hand, his demand on collecting data on crimes committed by illegal immigrants should not be ignored simply because this would violate “Political Correctness.” A well-done study on this subject will either confirm or debunk such assertions.

Trump should be seen as a modern-day court jester, who does, however, sometimes utter the unpalatable truth.

In San Bernardino, Thomas McGovern is waiting …:

Trump is offering the GOP presidential candidates an opportunity to demonstrate leadership. At this point, they have all failed.

Being president requires a lot of tough decisions.

Ducking such an easy call on Trump’s racist rant shows that none of them have what it takes.

Dan Aaron in Fountain Valley commented:

Donald Trump’s recent pronouncements have made it clear that the largest state in the country is Trump’s ego.

And in Newbury Park, Matt Singerman is watching...:

Why should we be surprised about Trump’s recent hateful statements about Latino immigrants? It certainly wasn’t his first foray into hate speech. It wasn’t that long ago that Trump was an ardent supporter of the “birthers,” in demanding that President Obama’s produce his birth certificate.

Unless the GOP is more forceful in denouncing Trump, he could turn out to be the biggest land mine stepped on by the Republican party since the Watergate break-in.