Readers React: Iran nuclear deal: pro and con

To the editor: George Bisharat and John V. Whitbeck say that if Congress rejects the Iran nuclear deal, the deal will go on but without the United States. They worry that will isolate the United States. (“No to the Iran deal means no to U.S. credibility,” Op-Ed, Sept. 1)

What Bisharat and Whitbeck fail to recognize is that that is exactly what the neoconservative Democrats and Republicans want. Their vision of American exceptionalism demands that the United States dictate its will around the world and enforce it with military force. They don’t want the United States to be beholden to any country.

Bisharat and Whitbeck are correct that rejecting the Iran deal will do the opposite of what the neocons want. It will make the United States less effective in the world.

Jeff Warner, Los Angeles



To the editor: Demonstrating all the moral and intellectual superiority for which lawyers are notorious, Bisharat and Whitbeck insist we accept a terrible agreement.

They premise their argument on the basis that we should ignore the fact that President Obama and his representatives negotiated away the prevention of nuclear weapons to Iran. They argue, amusingly, that “leadership” means following world opinion, when that opinion favors lifting trade sanctions for national profits and the heck with the possible annihilation of Israel.

Their arguments are intellectually specious at best and morally bankrupt in the end.

Kip Dellinger, Santa Monica

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