L.A.'s mismanagement of Ontario Airport

To the editor: Thanks to The Times peeling away the layers of the Los Angeles World Airports onion to expose the flypaper beneath. Let's hope that the litigation over LA/Ontario International Airport results in a better flying experience for the public. ("Airport officials accused of bias against Ontario International," Sept. 29)

This article explains much of the centrist and cavalier attitude of the officials in charge of the Los Angeles International and Ontario airports. No wonder the strategy of dispersed airport traffic in Southern California has faltered.


Walter Davie, Mar Vista


To the editor: Thanks so much, Los Angeles World Airports, for forcing me to drive thousands of miles over the years — wasting time, money and gas — to pick up and deliver family members who come to visit from far away.

In the "inbred I.E.," we have access to a local airport, but thanks to the selfishness of Los Angeles, we can't really use it, because there are hardly any flights.

Bravo. Well done.

Oliver McFalls, Riverside

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