Mormon policy unfairly singles out children of gay parents for scorn


To the editor: The Mormon church’s latest dogmatic twist calls into question the faith’s family-friendly front. (“New Mormon policy bans acceptance of children of same-sex couples,” Nov. 6)

Now children of same-sex parents can’t be blessed or baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints until they turn 18. Thus, they can’t be entered into church records or work toward fulfillment of a covenant with their faith’s God.

So, if a Mormon mother of previously blessed and baptized minors is widowed or divorced and then weds a woman, the children are barred from pursuing their religious goals until age 18.


In effect, Mormon policy now visits the (purported) sins of same-sex parents upon their children. So much for a family-friendly theology.

Frank Hochfeld, Albany, Calif.


To the editor: We must not abort children because they are blameless, including those who were conceived in rape. But we must mistreat the children of gays?

I can think of no more hypocritical a position. It is completely abusive, inconsistent and certainly does not conform to any concept of the greater God. It reeks of men’s pettiness.

I can only encourage Mormons to leave their church.

Sheridan West, Sherman Oaks

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