Readers React: What’s next, a wall along the border with Canada?

The U.S. Capitol on Friday during the partial government shutdown.
(J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)

To the editor: While I don’t much care that the federal government has partially shut down, it does bother me that federal workers are now suffering because a temperamental blowhard has his knickers in a knot and is demanding $5 billion for an unrealistic wall on the southern border.

If I thought a wall would do any good, I think I’d actually support building one. Here are some questions for the people who back President Trump and his silly wall:

If a border wall will keep drugs, undocumented immigrants and crime out of America, wouldn’t other, smaller walls keep ants out of our yards, roaches out of our homes, and mice out of our restaurants? And what about our northern border? When will it get its own insanely expensive, impractical wall?


You do realize there’s more than one way into the country, right?

Thomas A. Boyd, Diamond Bar


To the editor: Threats to our national security will not be resolved by building a wall along our southern border, because that is not where the threat lies.

The real threat to our national security comes from a president who refuses to listen to his security advisors or anyone else, has caused the partial shutdown of the federal government because of his refusal to compromise, and who is ensuring that thousands of federal employees are now working without a paycheck.

Whether or not you voted for Trump, you must concede one thing: This man has proved to be a walking monument to ineptitude. That may work for him in his private life, but in the role as president, it is catastrophic to us as a nation.

Doris K. Reed, Los Angeles



To the editor: I suggest that Trump be realistic and add more to his demand for $5 billion — for the tear-down costs once the border paranoia subsides and rational thought prevails.

If built, the wall will inevitably will be torn down as we develop an intelligent, comprehensive immigration policy that works, which we will.

At some point, Trump will be gone, and we will be left with his embarrassing, ill-conceived monstrosity. So why not set aside the cash now on his watch?

Scott Miller, Lincolnshire, Ill.

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