Readers React: Charles Krauthammer was powerful and civil but supported torture

Charles Krauthammer in 2015.
Charles Krauthammer in 2015.
(Gabe Hernandez / AP)

To the editor: There is no question that columnist Charles Krauthammer, who died on June 21, was a powerful voice in the conservative movement. When it came to domestic issues he followed his own beliefs and values, refusing to bow to any ideology or political movement.

But when it came to foreign policy, he was a hard-edged neoconservative who believed that military force and war were the solution to many problems. He supported the torture of suspect terrorists and President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

He was what he was, and he would be the last one to want anyone to remake him.

Ralph S. Brax, Lancaster



To the editor: In addition to having a command of whatever subject he was writing about, I believe that Krauthammer’s demeanor was a major contributing factor to his success. The way he comported himself while making his point was admirable — and something for all of us to attempt to emulate.

At the close of a television appearance, a host typically thanks a guest for appearing on his or her program. Krauthammer’s response to the host was always the same: “My pleasure.”

And I believe he meant it.

Donald A. Yunker, Westlake Village

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