Readers React: The In-N-Out boycott will only swell the ranks of California’s ‘decline to state’ voters

The In-N-Out Burder in Alhambra, Calif.
(Frederic J. Brown / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: Boycott In-N-Out? Over a $25,000 contribution to the California Republican Party? When the company was an equal opportunity offender, also donating to a group that supports moderate Democrats?

Thoughtful Democrats should take this as their cue to head for the exits and join the ranks of “decline to state” voters in California.

The intransigence on both sides of our reigning political duopoly is no better illustrated — and begging for corrective action — than in California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman’s petty and petulant call to arms.

Ged Kenslea, North Hollywood


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