Readers React: The ‘incel’ scourge is society’s problem — and we need to fix it

A hazmat worker scrubs the sidewalk of blood and debris after a mass killing in Toronto on April 24. Police arrested a man believed to be part of the radical "incel" community.
(Cole Burston / Getty Images)

To the editor: I think Robin Abcarian missed an important point in her column, “The idea of an ‘incel rebellion’ would be laughable if it hadn’t already resulted in so many murders.”

When society tries to correct important problems such as the lack of female leaders and opportunities in business and sports for women, it tends to turn toward demeaning those who once had those opportunities.

Allowing girls the opportunity to play in a boys’ sports league when there is no league for girls is good. Forcing boys’ sports leagues into accepting girls simply because they don’t now is bad. Having a gym strictly for women is “good” in today’s society — not so for men. Other examples abound.


Yes, men tend to think of women as “potential sexual partners,” but evolution has spent millions of years encouraging males to think this way. Society evolved as a way to redirect and control this behavior.

We as a society need to realize that these “incels” are a sign of an emerging problem, loneliness, and take steps to encourage social interactions to reduce that problem.

Patrick Mullins, Harbor City


To the editor: Every part of the “incel” credo is abhorrent to me, but one aspect really sticks out: The incels believe they are “left with ugly girls they don’t want to have sex with, even if they could.”

In other words, they are rejecting many of the women they meet and then righteously furious at the women who reject them.

The hypocrisy and lack of empathy boggles the mind.

Laura Owen, Pacific Palisades

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