Readers React: Liberals should stop talking about CNN’s Jim Acosta as if he’s a hero

Jim Acosta
CNN journalist Jim Acosta before the Nov. 7, 2018, news conference at the White House.
(Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

To the editor: As a card-carrying liberal, I make a point of not darkening my quiet life in south Orange County with the daily static of The Trump Show. So it was unusual that I tuned my car radio to the president’s postelection news conference.

I am a supporter of CNN, but I was aghast at reporter Jim Acosta’s behavior in his exchange with President Trump. After he had received the expected distorted answer from Trump and still held the floor in debate for another minute, he should have surrendered the microphone to a reporter waiting to ask a question. His continued petulant arguing came across as selfish and grandstanding.

Despite Acosta’s behavior, the prevailing opinion among the L.A. Times’ published letter writers was that he was a free-speech hero. But on this occasion, he was unprofessional, and his conduct provided more fodder for the right-wing manipulators.

I know the paper has its slant, as all papers inevitably do. But this episode makes me think I should reality-check the content more often.


David Weaver, San Juan Capistrano

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