Readers React: A reporter questioning the president on the public’s behalf is not an ‘enemy of the people’

US President Donald J. Trump hosts post election press conference, Washington, Dc, USA - 07 Nov 2018
CNN reporter Jim Acosta holds on to a microphone as a White House aide tries to take it away during a news conference on Nov. 7.
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To the editor: White House reporter Jim Acosta of CNN is not rude and he did not touch the intern in the manner claimed by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. This is pure Orwellian manipulation of the truth.

What the White House is trying but failing to do is to make people question what is right before their eyes and believe something else. In George Orwell’s “1984,” Big Brother used doublespeak as a way to manipulate the masses; what the Trump administration is trying to do can be described as “doublesee.”

Acosta is a hero and defender of free speech, not the enemy of the people.

David Milton, Laguna Beach



To the editor: I watched Trump’s news conference Wednesday, and I came away with a different take.

Acosta asked the president a question regarding the use of the word “invaders” to describe the migrant caravan. The president answered the question and then went further, saying that the two of them disagree. The president then called on another reporter.

Acosta wanted to argue and would not give up the microphone. If I had been the other reporter who wanted to ask a question, I’d have had some harsh words for Acosta. What about my turn and my question?


Jeffrey Whitfield, Santa Ana


To the editor: A presidential attack on Acosta and CNN is an attack on your news outlet and your journalists as well, and ultimately an attack on all Americans.

It was unconscionable for the rest of the journalists at Wednesday’s news conference to just watch the abuse of power and of our Constitution and remain in the room under the guise of “someone must remain to report.” This is akin to a herd watching a member get taken by a predator.

I would have preferred to see every single journalist with a shred of honor stand up and walk out. We can’t complain that lawmakers do not have the guts to call out the president if reporters will not stand up to this threat to the 1st Amendment.

You have my support to stand up and walk out next time.

Daniel Elroi, Rancho Palos Verdes

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